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A/C Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Friendswood

Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, you can be sure that your air conditioning system works efficiently. Your A/C must be at the top of its game regarding performance and reliability.  Cooling your home requires more energy and uses more electric dollars than any other device in your home. The bottom line is that air conditioning maintenance is very important and we are the ones to tackle that for you.

On the average, 45% of your energy cost of your home goes to heating and cooling regardless of your system type. By properly maintaining and upgrading your HVAC choices, you can save money while increasing comfortability. Keep in mind, the more energy efficient system by itself, will not have the effect on your utility bill an entire home strategy will. Combine the proper system, maintenance, and upgrades along with better insulation, weatherization and thermostat settings.

For peak performance, schedule regular AC tune-ups with us. Our maintenance plan includes the following:


Preventative AC Maintenance

An air conditioning unit is a true workhorse appliance. Not only that, it is a very complex appliance. Air Flo AC keeps your HVAC system maintained so that it prolongs the life of your investment. Your air conditioner runs almost non-stop in our area and an investment into a maintenance plan is money well spent. Repairs can get costly if your a/c system is not regularly checked and updated. We service air conditioning systems as well as heating and HVAC systems.

Our family owned and operated AC company knows that it important when it comes to keeping your AC system a well functioning unit. Our experts are factory trained and work with all makes and models. Sometimes, it is something as simple as a clogged line or dirty filter that can seriously affect how well and efficient your air conditioning system works. Don’t ignore a problem that could have a domino effect and cause more problems.Call today for more information.


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