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Do you have a home? If so, it’s important to keep it safe. You might not think about safety too often when you’re at home, but there are many dangers lurking that can cause injuries and even death!

Let’s take the kitchen for example. The stove is one of the most dangerous things in your house because of its hot surfaces and sharp edges. There are also knives in the kitchen with blades that can cut deep into the skin if they’re handled incorrectly. And don’t forget about poisonous chemicals – those should be stored away from children or anyone who doesn’t know how to use them properly!

These tips will help make sure your house stays as safe as possible:

-Put childproof locks on cabinets containing knives

-Keep chemicals in a locked cabinet

-Replace old rugs with non-slip mats for pathways and stairs

-Make sure there are nightlights on the bottom of all steps so you can see where your feet go

-Install smoke detectors throughout the house, near bedrooms, hallways, living room, or kitchens. Change them every five years to ensure they are working

-Install a carbon monoxide detector near sleeping areas. CO is an odorless and colorless gas that can be fatal if it’s too high in concentration

In conclusion, this is a list of ways to keep your house safe for you and your family.