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As a homeowner, there are many times when you need to do some handyman work around the house. Whether it be fixing a leaky pipe or changing out your old locks, these projects can get quite expensive if you have to call in an expert. For this reason, we’ve compiled our top 10 list of home DIY ideas that any beginner should try!

– Fixing a Leaky Pipe: A leaky pipe can cause damage to the wood underneath your house. Not only do you have to replace the broken section of piping, but also deal with any water seepage that might be causing mold or mildew. To fix this problem yourself, all you need is some PVC glue and electrical tape to fix the leak.

– Installing a New Window: If you’re renovating your kitchen and need to replace an old window with one that has clear modern design lines, there are plenty of DIY videos online where you can follow along step by step on how to install a new window on your own.

-Replacing the hot water tank: Replacing a hot water heater can be an expensive job. It usually takes two plumbers, and they have to tear up the flooring of your house in order to replace it. To avoid this costly process, you might try installing a new electric or gas-powered unit yourself with some help from videos on YouTube.

-Installing new garbage disposal: The day I installed mine, it seemed like the toughest DIY project yet. But with some basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work from watching YouTube videos, I was able to do it myself without any trouble.

-Solving a leaking toilet problem: The best way to solve the leak is by replacing the seal. Once you know where it’s located, you can replace it in less than an hour for less than $30 dollars (compared to hiring someone).

-Installing a new shower head and faucet handle without breaking your bank account. If you know where to start, you can actually install these yourself with the right tools.

-Installing a new door handle: I never liked that old brass knob on my front door and finally replaced it last summer for under $15! Total time spent? Less than an hour because this project is a no-brainer.

-Installing new recessed lighting: the easiest way to install this is by doing it yourself. You can find a video on YouTube for how to do it and you just need a drill, screwdriver, and wrench (or pliers) in order to complete the task.

-Assembling furniture: when I have an item that just needs to be put together or is ready for assembly, I’ll do this on my own rather than paying someone else $30+ per hour to come over and assemble something

In conclusion, there are always things that you should be able to do on your own, right in your home. So get out there and take care of those annoying little tasks!